Accountancy Services

When ever your company  needs accountancy service, support and advice, tailored to meet specific needs, Then look no further than PLANITA CONSULT.

These include:

  • Setting up a sound accounting system, including computerization of manual systems
  • Recording financial information and transactions and maintenance of records, producing financial statements.
  • Assisting in corporate budgeting

Auditing and Investigation Services

We provide independent audit and investigation services designed to assess the reliability of information prepared by our clients for use by Investors, Creditors and Key Stakeholders, and compliance with specific Ghanaian and International Auditing & Accounting statutory reporting standards.

Our continuing efforts to manage the efficiency and the quality of our audit methodologies is greatly enriched by PIKAS, Planita’s computer-based audit documentation software which has been endorsed by ICAG. Our audit tool includes industry specific audit modules, as well as an automatic focus on audit requirements for specific risk areas identified.

Our services are structured to provide our clients with:

•External Auditing

•Investigating Financial matters

•Due diligence

•Project Audit

•Operational Controls Assessment

•Internal Audit Activity Set-up

•Internal Audit Quality Assurance

•Internal Audit Training

•Strategic and Annual Internal Audit Planning

•Internal Audit Technical Assistance

•Fraud and Forensic Audits

•Fraud Risk Assessment

•Information Systems Audit

•Management Audits

•Risk Management, Control and Governance Reviews

Business Consultancy Services

Our broad range of Business Consultancy Services includes:

•Project Management

•Management Consulting

•Valuation of Business

•Company formation and registration

•Training of staff

•Business process review and re-design

•IFRS compliant review and Implementation

Taxation Services

The Ghanaian taxation system provides many unique challenges to businesses. Failure to comply with often unclear laws and regulations can lead to significant time commitments, professional fees and tax penalties. An essential component in managing tax compliance risk is to engage professional advisors who understand tax governance, have specialized skills and deep industry knowledge, and can assist in developing and implementing tax strategies as well as systems to minimize tax risks

We provide superior business oriented national and international tax advice to both local and international clients operating in Ghana. Our experienced tax professionals are drawn from a wide range of backgrounds with Industry specialization and together with continual advanced training, equips them to work with our clients and be their professional tax advisors.

Corporate, Business and Individual Tax Services:

• Indirect Taxes & Customs

• Mergers & Acquisitions

• Taxation Services to Individuals (PAYE)

• Tax Controversy, Investigation and Litigation

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